Home - LEKTRO has been pioneering innovative battery-driven vehicles since 1945Home - AERO Specialties provides Total GSE solutions to corporate, FBO, regional airlines, and general aviation customers worldwideHome - As a manufacturer, supplier and repair shop for avionics and test equipment, Avionics Specialist Inc. serves over 4000 customers in the air transport, general aviation and military marketsHome - Regardless of the type or weight class of your aircraft, with the nosewheel cradled at the front of the tug, LEKTRO eliminates all but one pivot pointHome - We sell new, used, and refurbished equipment of all types and sizes, including aircraft tractors, tugs, and pushbacks; ground power units; hydraulic service cartsHome - Specialists in Overhaul, Service and Parts Sales

Welcome to Aero Rep Ltd.

Aero Rep has 30 years experience in the sales and marketing of aviation equipment and aviation MRO services. We are the non-exclusive representative for Lektro in the UK and Ireland. We are the representative for Aero Specialties in the UK and Ireland and we are the worldwide (outside Americas) representative for Avionics Specialist Inc. We are also one of the business development managers for L. J. Walch in Europe.