Greater control,
greater confidence,
greater profits.



LEKTRO has been pioneering innovative battery-driven vehicles since 1945. In 1967, we built the world´s first towbarless ground support vehicle, called the Airporter.Today, LEKTRO is changing the way ground crews all over the world handle aircraft.

The LEKTRO line has proven to be more efficient, safer, more reliable, and infinitely more versatile than conventional aircraft tugs. And, with our all-steel construction and quality craftsmanship, we guarantee each LEKTRO tow tractor is built to last.

Regardless of the type or weight class of your aircraft, with the nosewheel cradled at the front of the tug, LEKTRO eliminates all but one pivot point. This reduces turn limit damage, virtually eliminates jackknifing and gives the LEKTRO its renowned manoeuvreability. Greater control, greater confidence, greater profits. In many cases, the length of a LEKTRO aircraft pushback tractor is less than the length of a towbar alone. This gives operators greater control in confined areas and allows for tighter hangar stacking capabilities, easily maximizing your hangar´s capacity and increasing your return on investment. The LEKTRO towbarless aircraft towing vehicle can also be used to raise the nose of a plane, dropping the tail of the aircraft and moving it into a hangar that would otherwise be too small.

Versatility on wheels Known as the Swiss Army knife of the flightline, the LEKTRO is one versatile aircraft tug. With a built-in ground power unit (GPU), your LEKTRO can start everything from single engine trainers to turbine-powered aircraft. It is perfect for intermittent and light duty electrical backup. Ask our sales force about options for step ladders, our handy cargo deck for tools, storage space for supplies or luggage.

Built to last
Made with all-steel construction and the highest quality components available, each LEKTRO is as much state-of-theart as it is work of art. We are constantly researching ways to improve our LEKTROs. We have our own certification equipment to continually increase our LEKTRO performance and modify our product to better serve industry needs. LEKTRO towing capacity ranges from single engine trainers to Boeing 737 (180,000 lbs.). Choose from the current range of 21 models with aircraft OEM and CE approval. There are nearly 3,000 LEKTROs in operation, working in almost every industrialized country in the world. And, at LEKTRO, we maintain customer records and parts information on every LEKTRO ever sold.

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